All Thai massage treatments are tailored to your specific requirements on the day and take place on a medium-firm mat, fully clothed at Jamie’s treatment room in central Byron.

Body Balance • 1 hour • $120

Working from the tip of the toes to the fingertips, restoring balance to the muscles and energy systems of the body.

Focused Work • 1.5 hours • $180

Whole-body balance with time to focus on specific areas needing deeper work.

Deep Therapeutic Massage • 2 hours • $220

Full body balance, slow deep therapeutic massage allowing the body to deeply relax and release built-up tension and blockages.

Deep bliss • 2.5 hours • $260

Slow, deeply therapeutic massage, thoroughly relaxing the whole body. Bringing the nervous system back to a deeply relaxed state. Perfect if you have been feeling anxious, stressed, run-down, or just want to treat yourself and reset your nervous and energy systems.

Jamie applies a deep back compression thai yoga massage treatment position.

Jamie also offers tailored massage treatments at The Health Lodge and Gaia Retreat & Spa on request.

Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted for any of Jamie's tailored massage treatments..