About Thai Yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is an effective full-body treatment which achieves profound and long-lasting health benefits. It uses acupressure, deep tissue massage, passive stretches, and gentle rocking to soften muscles, improve circulation, and enhance joint mobility and flexibility.

As a holistic therapy that incorporates Ayurvedic and yogic principles, it is recognised as one of the fundamental healing arts of traditional Thai medicine. It harmonises the flow of energy within the body by utilising hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet. In doing so, it connects the body with the mind, and thus stimulates our intrinsic healing systems.

Originally practiced only in Buddhist temples, the giving of massage in ancient times was understood to be a physical application of “Metta”, which in Theravada Buddhism denotes 'loving kindness'. A good Thai yoga masseur performs in a meditative mood and works with full awareness, mindfulness and concentration, using intuition to guide energy flow throughout the body.

Jamie practices a fusion of Thai yoga massage with a variety of complementary therapies inspired by talented teachers & body workers worldwide.