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Thi Bui Avatar
Thi Bui
6/20/2022 - Google

My husband and I were amazed by Jamie’s massage technique. It was our first time to have a thai yoga massage. Completely relaxed and surprised of such an amazing technique. Thank yo ujamie we will definitely be back to visit u again. -jason&lee

Rod Halsted Avatar
Rod Halsted
6/06/2022 - Google

Been three times this trip. Jamie knows his stuff. Rather than massage it’s more stretching & pressure point work. The results are excellent. Plus Jamie has a great attitude. Highly recommend.

Jai Ju Ju Avatar
Jai Ju Ju
4/23/2022 - Google

Jamie is knowledgeable, compassionate, has a gentle, good nature, and gives a great massage!He helps me feel safe in my body while doing the work, and he heals intuitively. I am so grateful to have had sessions with him, and I keep coming back.I highly recommend doing a massage with... read more

Iselin Amanda Støylen Avatar
Iselin Amanda Støylen
3/12/2022 - Google

I had an absolutely incredible session with Jamie. One of the most powerful bodywork sessions I have experienced, and perfectly suited to my needs and my wishes.Jamie is attentive, warm and welcoming, and I can highly recommend his services ♥️

Kim Gibson Avatar
Kim Gibson
1/28/2022 - Google

The most amazing massage I have ever had. Jamie's freestyle approach was unique but effective in releasing fascia and gaining more space within my body.

Louise Arnott Avatar
Louise Arnott
12/16/2021 - Google

The best massage i’ve ever experienced. I doa lot of training and competing as an athlete and Jamie have the most incredible fusion of stretching , releasing tight muscles and relaxation. Highly recommended

Poppy Blue Avatar
Poppy Blue
11/17/2021 - Google

Don't expect your regular massage! This is all another level. Jamie's style is very unique. I had plenty of massage in Thailand but this tops up everything else. Im still on cloud 9!

Chris Davis Avatar
Chris Davis
11/07/2021 - Google

Jamie offers one of the best Thai style massages I've ever had in a very relaxing environment..he's attentive, clearly knowledgeable in his techniques and I couldn't fault the experience. Highly recommended.

Saskia Palmer Avatar
Saskia Palmer
11/04/2021 - Google

Without doubt the massage I had with Jamie was the best ever! Jamie is an incredible therapist, and his dedication and focus to his work is unparalleled. I will definitely be a repeat client

Monique Jowsey Avatar
Monique Jowsey
9/29/2021 - Google

Jamie has a very kind and strong Massage technique. He cares beyond the tissue which enables energetic shifts in his clients. I had a personal experience of this as I was recommended by a friend - she was right! I recommend Jamie's techniques for young and old.... read more

Avi Melniker Avatar
Avi Melniker
8/03/2021 - Google

I was lucky enough to have had an absolutely incredible massage with Jamie this week! And by massage I really mean more like a full body and soul experience: I’ve had numerous Thai massages over the years but this was like nothing I had ever experienced! Jamie has his own... read more

kai ohlsson Avatar
kai ohlsson
2/19/2021 - Google

Jamie has helped me to recover from chronic injuries and improve my flexibility.

samsom slaitini Avatar
samsom slaitini
2/19/2021 - Google

My first Thai yoga massage, just wow very professional and he new exactly what to do. I felt so relaxed that I couldn’t talk properly after my the massage. I totally recommend to see Jamie and go for 2 hour session so worth it.

Christina Cheng Avatar
Christina Cheng
2/12/2021 - Google

I came to Jamie after experiencing back pain during my trip in Byron Bay. His massage was intuitive and mindful, which helped me to realise many sore spots in my body I didn't notice. He was attentive and very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. I learnt the importance... read more

Mary A Avatar
Mary A
1/26/2021 - Google

Jamie is an amazing therapist!! Hubby and I have had many different massages and honestly best massage by far. Jamie's techniques, his knowledge and his ability to listen to your body surpassed all our expectations. Only wish that we can find this in Sydney!

Miki Glasfurd Avatar
Miki Glasfurd
1/22/2021 - Google

Best massage ever. Rather than a table, you are on a Thai mattress. The therapist stretches, contorts and manoeuvres your body while focussing on pressure points. My back, shoulders and hips felt brand new afterwards.. wish we had something like it in Sydney..

carmen iulia Avatar
carmen iulia
1/06/2021 - Google

I even don't know how to start.. The best massage i ever had in my life . Jamie is so professional .He has deep understanding of human body and soul and his massage is healing in many levels..I had suffer of back and hip pain all my life and its... read more

Jacqueline Avatar
9/05/2020 - Google

I organised a session each for a friend & I as part of her birthday present. We both had a wonderful experience. Jamie’s style of massage is unique; I found it thrilling to do something different (Especially at a time when each day feels the same).We both described feeling ‘stretched’... read more

Fouad Kassab Avatar
Fouad Kassab
3/09/2020 - Google

Jamie is by far the most skilled therapist I have worked with. His body work goes far beyond what is typically thought to be Thai massage. He's an incredibly in-tune human being, and has a holistic philosophy that guides his work. Highly recommend... don't hesitate!

Jack Symonds Avatar
Jack Symonds
1/05/2020 - Google

I don’t normally leave reviews but will make an exception in this case.I had a two-hour session with Jamie and it was certainly time well spent. Woke up the next day feeling loose and relaxed, with none of the normal stiffness I have in my back.Jamie’s style is unique, it... read more

Asha Easteal Avatar
Asha Easteal
12/20/2019 - Google

What a wonderful experience. One of the best massages I’ve had in my life (and I’ve had a lot). Jamie’s experience paired with intuition make him an expert body worker. On top of that he is a really nice human who makes you feel completely at ease. I can’t recommend... read more

Thaibodyworkeu Therapeutic Thai Bodywork Berlin Avatar
Thaibodyworkeu Therapeutic Thai Bodywork Berlin
12/05/2019 - Google

Jamie is a skilled therapist with a calm attitude, great touch and an open mind.I found him to be very open to discover whatever the needs of my body were on that particular day. Either after i did a lot of sports, i had a particular ache or i was... read more

Thomas Krishna Avatar
Thomas Krishna
11/05/2019 - Google

I have been receiving Thai massages for approx 13 years, across Australia and Thailand. Without a doubt Jamie’s Thai yoga massage is world class. Jamie takes his time and doesn’t treat you like another 1 hour number. He works on those parts that require attention. I would highly recommend him... read more

Julia DesBrosses Avatar
Julia DesBrosses
10/05/2019 - Google

Jamie's massage was truly like no other; uplifting, soothing and deeply transformative... He puts his core spiritual essence into serving and connecting deeply, in a way that is powerfully unique and utterly sublime.... Thanks for putting me back together, in my body, nicely stretched and ready to go again. I... read more

Bianca Gregg Avatar
Bianca Gregg
10/05/2019 - Google

Jamie's Thai Yoga Massage was one of the best massages I have ever had. He is incredible the way he has the ability to connect in with the body, create flow and really bring your back to your grounded and most centred self. I felt some deep work happening during... read more

Lalita Gopika Avatar
Lalita Gopika
10/05/2019 - Google

Highly recommend Jamie's unique and flowing style of massage. Great if you're feeling stuck and stagnant in your body or mind. In general he's just a lovely guy, selfless and really desiring to serve.

Kate Coxall Avatar
Kate Coxall
10/05/2018 - Google

Jamie's bodywork style was intuitive and so incredibly relaxing, I loved that I could chill out in my own space, truly relaxed and able to receive the healing I needed, without having to get into my car. Both the energetic shifts as well as the physical relief in my muscles... read more

Dominique MK Avatar
Dominique MK
10/05/2018 - Google

Jamie gives an excellent massage which leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced in your body and also energetically. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and is gifted to work intuitively towards healing on many levels. Also his mobile massage service makes it very easy as... read more

Amie Green Avatar
Amie Green
10/05/2018 - Google

I felt like I'd just practiced a month of daily yoga after my 1 1/2 massage. Stretches in all the right places and no soreness afterwards. I was well taken care of and will be back for more!

Jasmine Matus Avatar
Jasmine Matus
10/05/2018 - Google

Thank you for a wonderful massage! I can definitely highly recommended Jamie's Thai yoga massage and will be using him on a regular basis.He worked very intuitively and I could sense it was not a one size fits all massage. He is very careful with attention to detail and managed... read more

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5 Stars based on 20 Client Reviews
Avi Melniker Avatar
Avi Melniker
13-07-2021 - Facebook

I was lucky enough to have had an absolutely incredible massage with Jamie this week! And by massage I really mean more like a full body and soul experience: I’ve... read more

Gabby Simmonds Avatar
Gabby Simmonds
25-02-2021 - Facebook

I had my first massage with Jamie 12 months ago on my annual Byron holiday. I couldn’t wait to get back this year for another massage and it was... read more

Samson Sam Avatar
Samson Sam
13-02-2021 - Facebook

My first Thai yoga massage, just wow very professional and he new exactly what to do. I felt so relaxed that I couldn’t talk properly after my the massage. I... read more

Valeria Garre Avatar
Valeria Garre
02-11-2019 - Facebook

Excellent treatment from Jamie, very much allowing deep healing to occur, big listening and understanding the body mechanics and emotions ... my body and soul so grateful !!! Deep work... read more

Janaina Mendes Avatar
Janaina Mendes
31-10-2019 - Facebook

Jamie is one of the best Thai Massage therapists I've ever came across with. Very experienced, sensitive and professional. With his incredible kindness and humbleness I feel he is a... read more

Azahara Sanhur Avatar
Azahara Sanhur
01-10-2019 - Facebook

If you seek to facilitate healing, personal growth, liberation, release, the harmony of The peace, and someone that to share his love for life, you are very lucky to be... read more

Sama Balson Avatar
Sama Balson
13-09-2019 - Facebook

Jamie’s Thai Yoga massage is exceptionally good for deep release on a muscular, cellular and emotional level. His sessions are intuitive, generous and he takes time to allow real... read more

Kim Clear Avatar
Kim Clear
20-06-2019 - Facebook

Highly recommend you book a massage with Jamie. I was visiting the area (from NZ) - WOW, such a deep massage removing all tension - loved the stretching. Certainly got... read more

Sarah Temporal Avatar
Sarah Temporal
13-09-2018 - Facebook

Jamie’s massage left me relaxed and energised, relieved tension and rebalanced my posture. It’s great to have gentle movement incorporated for circulation and stretching, and gets into joints to alleviate... read more

Hannah Forrester Avatar
Hannah Forrester
23-06-2018 - Facebook

I came to Jamie with serious pain in my neck and shoulder. He treated my whole body with such care and attention that I was able to feel him gently... read more

Emma Mariette Avatar
Emma Mariette
21-03-2018 - Facebook

Jamie's thai massage is amazing! I am actually quite wary of Thai massage after having had one in Thailand years ago that was way too strong. I have some chronic... read more

Vicki Skelton Millynn Avatar
Vicki Skelton Millynn
10-01-2018 - Facebook

I visited Jamie with a very sore body from an accident I recently had and enjoyed an amazing massage experience. He was able to release tension and knots my physio... read more

Jasmine Matus Avatar
Jasmine Matus
06-01-2018 - Facebook

Thank you for a wonderful massage! I can definitely highly recommended Jamie's Thai yoga massage and will be using him on a regular basis. He worked very intuitively and I... read more

Sandra Colley Avatar
Sandra Colley
06-01-2018 - Facebook

I was very fortunate to receive a Tai message from Jamie. He intuitively works on a deep level while adjusting pressure to my needs and liking. I was very tired... read more

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5 tripadvisor stars
5 Stars based on Client Reviews
5 star rating
12-07-2020 - TripAdvisor

Amazing treatment Jamie is a very skilled therapist, releasing tensions in my muscles and stiffness in my joints, I felt so much better. Highly recommend his treatment.

5 star rating
10-02-2019 - TripAdvisor

Relaxing and generous with his time Beautiful massage tailored to my body's needs. Highly recommend. Very interesting and kind man to chat to also.

5 star rating
19-01-2019 - TripAdvisor

Relax and Rejuvenate This 1.5 hours was amazing! It's the best massage that I have EVER had! I felt so relaxed during the massage and afterwards I felt totally rejuvenated. I'll... read more

5 star rating
12-01-2019 - TripAdvisor

Amazing massage as good as Thailand Jamie is a fantastic masseuse, very professional , he seems to intuitively know where to give extra treatment . I've had Thai massage in Thailand and Jamie is as good... read more

Jamie uses his Thai yoga massage mastery to gently stretch the back and shoulders.